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now that I’m back to Paris (18° and rain), I would like to give you my feedback over my recent trip in India (as I have told Sanjeev over the phone).
– as I have already said many times, the driver and the car were really very good; Rajesh is really competent and pleasant; I think that his presence has made the journey much more agreeable
– the hotel in Aurangabad (the Keys) was very very good; and the manager also allowed me to get into my room at 5.30 in the morning, without further charge; I really appreciated that
– the hotel in Bijapur (Madhuvan) was NOT good: the rooms and the bathrooms were very dirty, lots of cockroaches, not a real shower available; I know that we have discussed about that before leaving, and that you have suggested to go straight to Badami; I just want to let you know that we have seen new hotels in Bijapur, maybe not finished yet, but maybe they could represent a good alternative in the future on the contrary, the restaurant of the Manduhavan hotel was one of the best we have found
– the night train: it was impossible to get a 2 pax cabin, they put as in a 4 pax cabin, who were two men (by chance, a boy and his father); but you have told me that, so we were prepared (even if we do not appreciate the fact that there is no difference by gender)
– my transfer from Pondichery to Chennay was OK (the car was far less comfortable than the Toyota), but really expensive (now that I know better the Indian prices)
overall I’m very satisfied about the state express service
as my sister and her family will probably come to India next Christmas, I will ask her to get in touch with you.
if she does, I hope you will provide her with Rajesh and with good prices!
thank you again for all
all the best
adriana soldati

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